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Trained in traditional Culinary Arts at a top London Hotel School followed by an apprenticeship in Switzerland with renowned Candrian family concern in Zurich.
After working in a number of 5 Star hotels he started in Airline Catering with SAS Service Partner in 1979.
He later joined Swissair in Zurich as a chef and for Pan Am in London responsible for food production as well as for Trusthouse Forte (now Alpha) for British Airways, British Rail and other transportation operators.


Moving to Asia he was Executive Chef for Royal Brunei Airlines/Catering for a number of years before starting  JCConsulting in 1994 and co-developing software and business solutions for the airline hospitality industry.

Today he consults to airlines, suppliers on trends, branding and product development and speaks for the industry at events and in the media.

He is the resident Judge for the Mercurys, the world's most prestigious airline hospitality industry award and Culinary Judge for SIAL La Cuisine in cooperation with the Emirates Culinary Guild. As well as consulting to SIAL International Food Exhibitions he is on the board of a Swedish biotech company working in cancer research.

He is a Vice President of Addis International Catering's owner company. 
Jeremy also writes regularly for various industry journals and blogs.

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