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To train is to teach. To teach is to inspire.

We specialize in all aspects of training for staff from Health & Safety to culinary skills and people management.   Getting people to do things the way you want is one thing; to inspire them to want to do it is quite another, and that's the goal of our training philosophy.

With that ethos in place, the task of achieving the best results for them and for your operation and products is eased.

We have the airline experience, the culinary and educational training experience to deliver this for your personnel.

It's a fact that your customers will remember their flight chiefly via the service and F&B they received. It is the coal-face of your brand and so supporting and advising your crew in the finer art of best service in all cabins is paramount.

Cross-culture training is very important in  globalized industry and understanding the needs and expectations of your multi-national passengers is key. From food service and understanding the terminology of food and drink to advising which finger to point with! all needs training. 

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